An Introduction

My name is Irene Mercado. 

Aspiring content creator.

Social Media enthusiast. 

World class sponge.

Ready to soak it all in,

and share it out loud.


Multimedia Storytelling

The following are projects I worked on prior to the completion of my Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from the University of Texas-Pan American. 


Bronc Summer Newscast - The final project for TV Production. I was assigned the feature story. The story reports on the university police department mobile application. 


Gender Roles in Social Media - This story compares how gender affects social media usage. 

Project Collaborate Health Fair - This story reports on a health fair held at a local clinic by student pharmacists.


Of Boards & Bikes - This story compares students that ride bikes or skateboard on campus to get to class to those who walk. 



Bench Press Newsletter Spring 2014 - The inaugural issue of the University of Texas-Pan American's Wellness and Recreation Complex. I wrote two stories: "Cutting Away the Fat: Sergio Puente's Weight Loss Story" and "Rec Resolutions 2014." I assisted in copy editing all other stories and photography. 



Social Media

Margin Walker Presents (f.k.a. Transmission Events) - Social Media Intern: I assisted in managing the company social media outlets. I wrote and scheduled daily copy promoting artists and covering concerts. I created Facebook events, photo albums and Spotify playlists. The following are a few photos and GIFs taken while covering various shows. 



The following is a personal passion project of mine. I started this channel in hopes of developing my personal brand: Irene I ran I run. I am always looking to learn ways to develop my content and voice.